Monday, October 13, 2008

Ayeh-Oh-Ee-Ohhhh #3: The finale....

Alright... the last chapter of my Korean trip... nothing much really... on the very last day before we fly off at 11 the next day... we had a FULL day .. so, we decided to go on a Cultural tour kind'a thingy... visited the cultural village.. some temples... the best thing is, the tour guide was really kind'a proud of their heritage... to me.. the older generation Koreans must have left China long 10x time ago... and somewhat changed a lot of the chinese characters.. especially the Square shaped ones that is "Khou" (whatever the pin yin is okay!).. into circles...
Oh well, I did ask the guide.. how related is the Korean heritage and the Cina-fying heritage from China, as even the dress is kind'a similar.. the government costumes.. attire. watever la...But, he said... (as if), dunno which one comes first.. its like the chicken or the egg, whether the Koreans left for China, and started a CHinese history... or whether the Chinese came to Korea.
To me, I reckon it's quite obvious you know. If you relate this to Japan... it's the same. The Japanese will tell ya that they are not Chinese.... Urban legend has it that, 3000 troops from China left for the island of Japan to look for that "CHiong Sam Pat Lou York".. the medicine that prolongs live.. that gives longevity.. just like the typical Chinese shows you watch on Wah Lai Toi (For those no residing in Malaysia.. that Channel is part of our cable-satelite TV kind'a thing...)
Obviously, they didnt find such a medicine.. and fearing for their lives, they didnt go back to China as the emperor would have had them killed. and all the 9 generations with it I presume! :P
Anywayz...Yup... koreans and Japanese... they are "NOT" Chinese? ha ah aha... that's really funny. My philosohpy for the whole Asian Population is that we all come from only 3 places.
1. China
2. Indonesia
3. India
It's kind'a obvious right. Let's look at Thailand... There are the fairer Thais + the darker skin ones, much like the local Malays. The fairer ones, obviously their ancestors went south from China.. Some Thais actually could speak Hakka or Teo Chew! As for the southern Thais.. most of them have skin colour similar to local Malays.. and the local Malays come from Kepulauan Jawa etc etc.... Look at the Philippines... it's the same... there are fairer and darker Filipinos... and the theory is the same as the Thais. However...the thing is... Let's take a step back to think...
Whether the Fairer skin Thais or Filipinos...come from China; or the darker skin ones come from Kepulauan Jawa or Sumatera... (Indonesia); whether the Koreans and Japanese really came from CHina... it doesnt matter I guess. Ask them where they are from, or what they are.... their answers would be definite ~" I'm Korean, Japanese, Thai or Filipino!!!"
As for Malaysia... oh well, we have never really really.. integrated as truly Malaysian.. unlike the Thais and Filipinos... When you ask anyone of them... "you are Chinese are ya?" Their answer would be ~ No! I'm Filipino. My ancestors were from China!
As for Malaysians...(Cina).. be true to yourself.. when you are asked the question:
"You Chinese".. most of us would say, "Ya.. I'm Chinese. Malaysian Chinese"....Funny right... I remember my days in Australia.. when I told my colleagues or customers I'm Malaysian.. they say..."Oh.. meaning, you are Malay?"... At first, my answers would be "No.. I'm CHinese... I'm not Malay... But, I'm Malaysian CHinese"...
SOmetimes, it hits us kind'a strong in the head... after 51 years of independence, there's still so much difference amongst the major races of Malaysia. Sigh... I wish.. There would be no.. Malaysian Chinese.. nor Malaysian Malay... Nor Malaysian Indian.. and there would only be just one..."I'M MALAYSIAN... MY ANCESTORS CAME FROM GUANG CHOU, INDIA, OR BUGIS ISLANDS whatsoever!"....
Somehow, I think that would never materialize judging from the society of Malaysia now...
Again, in order for me to keep writing and not get locked up (ha ha ha ha).. I reckon I have to add a disclaimer here:
"This is truly what Alan Thoo thinks, and has no scientific or historical documents to support. Basically, again.. my theory ~ It's my frigging blog. I'm expressing what i think.. and no facts ya! :P"
Alright. This is silly. I have lari (run) topic so much ... ha ha ah aha.. back to what we did in Korea...on the last day!

Spent 60000Won on this outfit.. ha ah aha.. funny aye?! :P

As usual... bad habits die hard....! sighhhh

When we landed back in KLIA... guess what Simon and the kiddos did for Cheryl and I!!!

They actually came to KLIA.. and welcomed us back!!!

Although a little embarassing.. as I've never gotten a welcome thingy before.. (except for the nice sent off when I left for the US in 2001!!!)

Asyraf, Azizi, Zenny & Saban came with Simon & Naim to welcome us back and gave us a nice surprise! it was like... awwwwwwwwww... Cheryl and I were very very touched at this..
Our 5th Anniversary is really a memorable one for sure! :)

Then, we headed for The Curve to makan at Marche... And thereafter slumped down into the nice and comfy sofa during K-OK sessions @ Red Box...

Thanks folks! Really appreciate the thought!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ayeh-Oh-Ee-Ohhhh #2: The Sequel...

Wokies.. where was I?? It's the nexy day liao.. and we took up a packaged tour that took us to the Ginseng Factory (boyyy.. thse stuff arent cheap!!!)... then, we visited the tower of Seoul...

The ironic thing is.. now that I've added another tower visit into my list... (I've been to the Manhattan City Tower @ NY, Macau Tower, Sydney Tower, Eifel Towel bla bla.....) but I HAVE NEVER BEEN UP TO KL TOWER OR KLCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ah aha... crappy aye? Sighhh... That's the problem with malaysians I guess... So near yet so far!

Next stop - Something-something-won market.. sold lots of antique + handicraft stuff...

NEXT... MOREEEEEEEEEEE KIMCHI!!!!!!!! (uuuRGhhhhhkkk!)

Vege tht dont taste like Vege...Kimchi... Sambal-ish looking paste tht tasted beany..

The BBQ beef was good... wrap with lettuce... and OMFG... the garlic slices.. Vampires.. BEWARE!

Then, we went on a cruise.. nothing spectacular.. no where near Sydney harbour cruise... matches the Kuching river cruise.. I reckon ours nicer! :P

Then, we went to the pirated version of Disneyland Korea.. called Lotte World...
Also found out the Koreans don't pronounce Lotte as "LOT" with a heaviour "t" tone and silent "E".. but instead pronouncing it as "LOT-TEH-WORLD"


Alright... too tired liao... will talk more later in Ayeh-Oh-Ee-Ohhhh #3

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ayeh-Oh-Ee-Ohhhh #1

Firstly... I think the TV series or movie...Tarzan originated from South Korea.... Annyon Hase-oh..(meaning, hello, I think)... and then... you try to rhyme it with Ayeh-Oh-Ee-Ohhhh.... you probably get a new rap going along... haha... okay, that isnt a very nice thing to say, but oh well.... It's mah blog! :P Dont read if you feel offended! :P

Okay... this is an update of what Cheryl and I are up to in the last couple of days.. yup.. we are now in Ae-oh-ohye-ohhh land...Seoul.. South Korea. We flew MAS (obviously....Tony Fernendez hasnt explored that far yet...I think :P)

We were kind'a comfy la.. . at first!!!! The inflight entertainment for the plane was hopeless... I was restless carrying the portable device.. sighhh... oh ya, have you watched the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles? Althought the effects are not as geng as the movie, it's not bad la... would definitely be my next Heroes (Oh noooo!!!)

The infamous Malaysian Satay served on board MAS... have to say.. really not bad la! But, the breakies... the Sotong Nasi Lemak.. Oh my god....!!! How I wish Tony Fernendez sends his chef over!!!!!!! I bet if we throw the rice at someone, he'll surely get a bruise!

OK.. problems starts the moment we walked out!
There's not much English translation ya!!! !!!!

We visited the Namdaemun and DongDaemun market... sound very Doraemon-ish, right? ha ha ha.. loads of cheapo brands and cheapo shirts la... lower end quality, but good place to source for souvenirs..

I think they knew we were Malaysians?! HA HA HA HA...

Alright, the kinky stuffs on the left.. they are mushrooms actually.. the middle pic... Pig leg.. Pork Leg.. watever u wanna call it!Discussing! the fats... OMG!!! and the last pic.. it's ermm... fried stuff... steam boat-ish stuff... all those!

Ok.. we decided to stop at one of the stalls and makan la. But.. We ordered octopus, prawns, chicken and chu rou. TKNMCHKNNCCB.....cost us 40 000Won.. erm.. Rm120++???!!! for roadside stall? I think we kena con liao...Dumb bloody malaysians! ha ha ha
The last pic.. is Nien Kou..(No, it's not Breast meat.. hahaha.. u pronounce that in the cantonese tone, u have breast.. pronounce it the Mandarin way... you have the rice cake...) ya.. our's are like.. dark brownish blackish slimmy thingy kind of thing, right? Their's.. white.. goreng in spicy sauce.. damn... suck big time! I had two friggin pieces and left it at that!

Some things dont change aye? :P
(OK, in fairness.. I Some of those are mine! hahaha)

The colours of the sign boards and all.. I still prefer HK!

Almost every bigger fashion mall in Dongdaemon.. has a mini stage at the entrance of the mall.. check this out.. Damnnnn... they have full specs punya system man! with parcans + gobos all over the place like no one's business!!!! On stage was a duet of Beatbox-ing dudes.. they are really really good man!
OK... that's the first night here in South Korea....
We learned something new.. the art of Self Defense in Seoul,,
NOOOO.. not taekwando...
The art of ...
KNOCKING PEOPLE along the streets,
SPEAKING loudly!!!
STEPPING on people's feet...
PUSHING even though you know the line is not moving!!!
Oh.. one more.. no need to apologize or feel like "excuse me" kind of face? yaaa...
Yup.. Ae-yee-yo-oh--yeeee--ohhh..
Oh sorry.. I meant..
Anyong Haeseh-oh!!!