Thursday, September 25, 2008

Phuket Escapade #1

Well well well.... I'm lying down here on the bed... waiting for another 30 mins before the cab comes to pick us up for the airport... ya! Kha Phun Kap.... I'm in Phuket now.. it was a 3 day thingy here... Lions Club project where we had meetings, and then visited an orphanage here.. actually managed by the Lions Club of Andaman Sea. Respect them man!

They are like the Kuching Lions Club where they actually combined their effort without thinking much about politics in Lionism.. and actually build and manage a home! kudos to all those lions clubs who have done so!

Sometimes I really think it's kind'a "cham" (kasihan) for them la. I mean, one of the Lions told us that the latest "entry" to the home is a 5 day old toddler... like.. OMG.. WTF is happening to this world! Sighhh. They are all adorable kiddos... sigh. But thank god Pitt and Jolie didnt come to this part of the world! :)

HAHAHAAH... you know, on another note...there were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many "Super AQs" on the streets!!!!

Alright... can you actually tell or not? If u go ngorat a local chic's a simple guide we actually found PRINTED on some free magazines ppl on the streets passed on to ya.... No joke.. they print everything.. from Pussy pussy pussy... to XXXXX... to surfing... to XXXX... HAHAHAHA... everything! It's like no ruling or control over there! oh ya.. here's the tip to get chics (just to make sure!)...
u might wanna double check all the necessary items first ayE.. like:

1. Adam's Apple
2. Vocal pitching
3. Shoulder wideness
4. "Boobies"???

5. The "thingy" (HAHAHAHA -i think by that time you would probably say ... "Oh shit... too late.. nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"
DISCLAIMER:Anyways, just joking only. No offense to those who like it that way.

Kheen Lke tagged along and became the center of attraction to many AQs... go ask him! he kena picit, rubbed, touched (shoulders only) and ahem.. winked! HA HA AH AHA...Grrooovy! :P

Alrighty... bout Kheen lke..after kena kacao by the Super AQs of the street.. it's not over you know!!! Last day was a holiday for us.. no more meetings, no people to meet....cos, we didnt take part in the local tour. We decided to go on our own to do a combined sea + land tour tailor made by ta-da.....!!!
EP Phuket Tour Sdn Bhd
(haha.. ya right!....)

Well, at the first stop at Khai Island... the moment when the kiddo jumped into the water... our fren kena sea urchin...! well, not many la... just about 20-25 duri poked straight onto his feet... we had to make an emergency pitt stop at a nearby island.. and off to land asap... sighhh! The guide helped rub lemon onto his feet.. whack it a few times with a stick.. and asked Kheen Lke to use his own pee on it! aiyohhhhhhhh.. but it's ok... after an hour.. he could bloody walk! no antibiotics, no injections! SERIOUS!!!

Well well... after we reached the main island again, we decided to continue with ourland tour since Kheen Lke's kaki was oledi okay... We decided to try out the ATV challenge.. i've never done that before you know throughout my whole bloody life haw haw haw.. suddenly, felt so SURVIVOR-ish! :P

That's me!!!! really tiring and tough to control la!

As for Kheen Lke...It's really not his day aye!?!!
WE HAADDDD to visit the temple. to throw away the SUEY-ness of what Kheen Lke has faced in these last 2-3 days! haw haw haw

And of cos..last area of visit before we flew off..THA MASSAD (Ya, you'll get that alot when you are in thailand. U know how most Cina-s dont, or rather can't, pronounc the "R" properly... like Luler... not Ruler? Lambutan..? Lam Phah.. (wait.. that's a different thing! ha ah ah aha ) I reckon the Thais have difficulty pronouncing any words that use the phonetical sound of the "e".. like Massage.. we suppose to pronounce it as MAH-SAJ...(with the "Je" tone)... but, they would pronounce it as MASSAD.. like it's tertelan the words of the last "je" or "Ge" sound.. and just replacing it with an end tone...! . so.. it'll be "D"..Or.. if my theory is right... they simply just tertelan most letters lah... like...

Free Entry - Fwee Enthee
Breakfast - Bekfast
Lunch - Lund
Drink -Dink

OK-ok.. enough of babbling.. I'm not the Say-It-Right Editor on the Star or something right? hahaha...

Ok...Meh, Mahkus, Kin Ek.. go massad bfor go eh pot. got many time. so,go massad after lund.

Oh yeaaaa baby....!!!! Give it to mehhhhh

'Nuff Said...