Tuesday, May 12, 2009

48 Hours in Hong Kong....!!!! How much one can do aye?! :P haw haw haw

Day 1: Hong Kong here we come!!!!!!

That's Simon... my In-coming President of the Lions Club of Ipoh Metro New Century.. Guess we're the rebels in the army, the thorn amongst the roses... wait... I think I
should rephrase... the Roses amongst the thorns.. ha ha ha Lions Club.. those days, ppl view as really elderly uncles (thorns.. get me?)... and of course, being in the "New Century" category... well... ya I know Chris... it's really beng-ish ... Why can't they just call it Lions Club N.G (New Generation).. or Y.G (Young Generation) ... ha ah aha....guess somethings can't change...

Well.. guess we have proven to many people that being a Lion, you do not need to put on a suit and tie and just talk talk talk, but no action! :) Hopefully, we as the new breed of new young & fresh Lions.. can uphold that principle...

Anyways.. let's cut the crap.. here's our 48 hour journey to Hong Kong to attend the Twinning Ceremony of the Leo Club of Ipoh Unity & South Kowloon! The flight was okay... I watched "Confessions of a Shopperholic".. (Zenny, DONT LAUGH!).. and I kind'a liked the storyline. Yes yes... it's a 'blonde' film.. but.. hey.. it's a Jerry buckheimer film...! Worth while lah! :P

Our lunch... and that's Steven... first time flying. and following us to HK.

Day 1 3.00pm: Arrival.. Disneyland

A snippet of Disneyland in 2.5 hours!!! Crazy! Cheryl and I spent hours there last time...
but oh well, cause, we were not meeting up with the gang adi.. cos they just arrived from Macau..... hence.. we decided to do something crazy - Visit Disneyland!
Ya.. just like that.. no planning... hahaha!

There are several parks in Disney actually... only 1 miserable indoor roller coaster... being there like 4 times adi... so, nothing special la....But, it was great fun snapping pics now that I have my nikon SLR. haha.. too bad we couldnt do all the rides and view everything else as time was so limited. :P

Day 1 7.30pm: Steamboat dinner with local HK Leos & Lions + Ipoh Unity Members

We arrived 30 mins late! Hahaha. whole world waiting for us.. including the lions from South Kowloon and some other Cabinet officers from District 303 (HK-Macau).. they were very friendly and down to earth! :) ... they don't call Lion.. they call "Si Pak"....
Er.. means "Uncle" in Cantonese, but with a level of Kung Fu-ism poured in... like those Jackie Chan Drunken Master movies... the disciple would wish the Sifu's brother "Si Pak"....
Damn... I felt old when the bunch from Ipoh also started calling me "Si pak" Alan... KNN...!

Check this out man!!! Chibi!!!!(pronounce it phonetically in English ya..
not bahasa baku pls!) HAHAHA.. can safely go round HK saying that! not when
we're back home though! :P hahaha ..
and another shop - Wanko.. HAHAHAHAH!!!!!
Some more.. the spokesperson.. the lady.. half face, you can see slightly at the back.. the backdrop kind'a thingy.. is Lau Kar Ling... OMG!!!!! hahahaha...
Lau kar Ling is a Wanko. ??! huh? hahahah Ought to change her surname to "Hum"...
you get the point.

Always fascinated with the bright colours of the dangerously placed
signboards of Hong Kong...hehe

After that.. went back to hotel.. slept like nobody's business!!! hahahahaha


Somethings die hard.. i call it.. the
Even baki has it! He passed on to me actually.. hahahaa

(pronounced as thoo soh.. I think)

Infernal Affairs IV... The suckerheads from ipoh ..
We had 2 hours to rush up to Victoria's Peak.. got into Madame Tussauds'
orang lilin place...

I think this was done when he was still shooting
Mr Nice Guy ages ago! Hahaha

Muka nak kasi sepak kan? haha

Up Close & Personal with your favourite stars!!!!! :P or rather... "stars"... hahahaha

Hands off buddy! :P.. look at the fine details man!! no joke!!!!!!

Yup....! Gandhi!!!! :P


Can guest who these ppl are? :P

Simon.. she's not the same one from Edison's collection k?

Well, after the meet-up with the "stars"...we rushed up to the peak to take a 10 minute view... and it was already 5.25pm!!!Ran light crazy people to catch the train downhill.. rushed into the taxi.... and got back to the hotel by 6.10pm.. bathe like kerbaus... and rushed down to catch a taxi to the venue for our next event....


I represented District 308B2 Lions/Leo Club (Selangor to Perlis) to witness the wedding ceremony... wait... wrong info.. the Twinning Ceremony of the leo Club of Ipoh Unity & South Kowloon.

It was indeed another milestone of achievement for the Ipoh based Omega Leo Club to add on to their collection of great, proven successes, unlike some who claims to have success and professionalism who ended up.. ahem.. half dead...sigh (Ok, Alan thoo, stop bi**ching).

Anyway, it was indeed a night to remember ~
Click here
for more photos of the twinning ceremony + video snippets of the event!

After Dinner Day 2
Makan lagiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

Uraghhhkkkkkkk!!! how can anyone eat this?! haha.. Simon and Steven certainly loved it so much! ha ha....! It's CHOW TAU FOO!!!! translation - SMELLY TOFU!!! WTH!!!?? The last few times I came here, I can't tahan also...!...

As you can see, most of my photos are really bout FOOOOOOD!!!!!! haw haw haw... Move over Kim Gary.. move over Mongkok Char Teng...!!! This is the real thing.. the real and authentic
Char Chan Teng (errr.. simply means restaurant in Cantonese.. I think)
It was 12.10am when we arrived back at the hotel.. and obviously SOMEONEEEE.. was hungry again! haw haw.. so we went out. ya... According to the darned Receptionist, it's just 2-3 blocks away.. so, Simon decided to jalan kaki. aihhhh... Hence, we walked! Walkedddddd!!!! TKNMCHKNNCCB! Ohya.. we ended up back at the hotel at about 3.50am! haha

Day 3: Last Day here.. makan first!!!!!

Alright.. next morning, got up early... went to maxim restaurant, which was located in the same building as our hotel... or kind'a adjacent to lah... The Dim Sums were FABULOUSSSSS!!!!! :p

Geee... did we go for one week or just 3 days?!!!! ha ah ha ha

Indeed tasty... haha.. love every single bite of the Satay they serve on board! :) hehe

Delicioussssss!!!! & Simon showing off the deserts... Hagen Da'az (Is that how u spell it? Normally i just buy, makan and throw. hahaha).. + some strawberry pudding...!

There you have it.. what to do in 48 hours in Hong Kong... :)