Friday, June 13, 2008

A trip to down south....

Well, last weekend was pretty intensed ya! Hmmm. yup! me & Naim, my staff who is the Talent Manager of the DiGi CelebriTeens..., took the celebriteens for a 4 show road tour down south! 1st stop was the showcase for the Multiple District 308 Leo Forum @ the Zone in JB. Well, the Fellowship Nite was themed Horror Nite and boy oh! boy... you certainly have Leos really dressed up to the MAX! Well... I couldnt see any Lions dressing up as a dracula or Ju-On or sumthing, but then again, it was dark, so I couldn't really see properly. Anywayz, the celebriteens performed well, and they even got an encore! request oh which Zenny did her high pitch Gemilang that probably might capture Jac's attention when she did the very last note of Realiiiiittttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... (ya... no kidding!). It was really tiring after a long journey, and yup, we went back to my apartment @ Tmn Molek and settled down for the night.. Oh ya, i wouldnt call it a night before a visit to johor Jaya's famous stalls selling that Chicken Wing panggang thingy where you would drool for more even after muching probably a little too many! :P
The next day, of course, we were supposed to get up by 8, of which I was so *(oo)* that I over slept myself (ya, what's new!).. We didnt start our journey till bout midday! hahaha.. ya.. I know..! We travelled back to Seremban where the kiddos performed the opening act for Singaporean new-comer, Lynn Malik!

Here's their showcase.. and to the right is the group with Lynn Malik
After the performance, we headed (again!) straight back to JB and slept at my apartments.. reached there pretty late... and dead tired by then!

The next morning, we crossed the causeway to Singapore! (yeyyy?).. and met up with good pal of mine.. Baki Zainal... Errr...if u dont recognize him.. he's on 8TV on Celebrity Chat and hosted quite a few TV programs b4.. and was also one of the casts of Kopitiam in their last few seasons...Of course, before our showcase that night.. we had to take a scroll @ Orchard Street aye? Everywhere was on sale mannn! haha! really good shopping! I bought erm.. nothing much-lah.. hahaha.. 4-5 Tees, 1 long sleeves... their CK's were relatively cheaper compared to Malaysia's... and erm. souvenirs and stuff like that! ha ah aha.. nuthing much.. :P Well, YOU LOOK AT BAKI yaaa! :P ahhahaa... he had more bags than I you know! :P
Here are some video clips...

It was a lot of fun..Lynn performed first, of course.. then, the kiddos took the stage and sang 2 covers and their original song, Sentiasa.. the BM version of "I'll Be Your Friend"... Well, this was really a good exposure for them.. Oh ya... Saiful from Malaysian idol Season 1 was there too!.. the one who sang "Ku juga mencintai dirimu..." the local version of the hit chinese song - Ching Fei De Eee (clearly shows I'm Banana as hell, right? :P) .. Baki had a bad gastric and had to be admitted. We were so worried, but still had to continue with the show .. Sigh.. but we managed to see him thereafter! Well, Saiful has changed his image quite a bit.. with a new look and new hair-do.. here's a pic of Cheryl & I with him during the JB Finals for DiGi Celebriteen 2006!!!

That's Saiful just 2 years ago!!!
After the show.. we spent a night in Singapore... and travelled to JB the next day to perform the opening act for Lynn again @ Angsana Shopping Mall, JB!

Well.. everyone was extremely tired as we reached no earlier than 10pm that night back to PJ... dead... sleepy, exhausted... and obviously.. me being me... *(oo)*....