Monday, July 28, 2008


This is apparently the famous SATAY CELUP in Melaka. Simon mah brother has always been talking about this great place to eat Satay Celup.. and I really had no idea how bloody disgusting it was till we actually went there and tried it out!!!! It was our after event time @ Melaka... ya, we did an annual dinner event @ Holiday Inn Melaka...
How disgusting???~~~The pics above say it all!!! Well, the entire team enjoyed themselves munching on the Satay that they bloody celup into this pot of gravy that.. erm.. is never cleaned when customers leave. They just.. erm.. top up more sauce!!! arghghhhh

Here;s how they do it!!! pour new
gravy into the pot...then kacau2 it!!! ha ha ha.. funny right..
wait. wrong word used...

oH WELL.. STILLL.... ppl would eat.. Malaysians mahhh...! :P Take note on the number of sticks Zenny had! DIET KONONNNN!!!!! :p

Then we went jalan2 at the jetty near Holiday Inn...We stumbled upon a place that does foot massage and decided to give it a try. he eh he