Monday, July 19, 2010

Covered 1800km in less than 4 days!

The last weekend travel on the road has been one heluva "exciting" one as I traveled more than 1500km alone! hahaha... let's try this:

16 July 2010 1.30am : KL to Ipoh (200km),... slept for.. wait. I didn's sleep.. cos I was afraid if this big fat hog slept, he wouldnt be able to get up! haha. So, i FB-ed and blogged I think... :P

16 July 2010 7.00am: Ipoh to Penang (150km) Luckily Chee Keat was kind enough to drive me to Penang and back... cause I was practically dead...! Him Keat worked part-time the day before for one of our events, and he followed us back too! 

16 July 2010 9.00am: Arrived in Penang, makan breakfast with my client and discussed some events.
16 July 2010 11.30am: Penang-Ipoh (150km), CK drove me back to Ipoh... Attended the Lions Cabinet Retreat...After the official stuff ended, we went for a fellowship makan2 session with all the Cabinet officers @ the Nga Choy Kai area...
District Governor Hudson Hah addressing the Cabinet

17 July 2010 8.00am (Ipoh-KL 200km) - Went to the APMB for a while before returning to KL to attend my Granny's birthday. Aunty Pak Bee and family from Scotland came back all the way .. I had to skip the Inauguration Dinner of District Governor Hudson Hah...
17 July 2010 8.30pm (KL-Ipoh 200km) - Left the dinner earlier and arrived back at Ipoh.. thank god I had Hui Jing to drive me... cos, I drove for 10 mins and almost fall asleep at the Simpang Pulai rest area. hahaha
18 July 2010 8.30 am (Ipoh) - Lions Cabinet meeting, (1.30pm) Leo RCC Meeting (4.30pm) Went back to my Ipoh House to bathe and relax... (8.00pm Ipoh-KL 200km) And the journey took agesssss!!!!!!! Reached (finally) at about 11.30pm as I stopped a few times to take power naps! That's what I really wanna call it! hahaha. Played flashcards with Baby V for a little while before getting ready for next journey!!!!!

Fuyohhh.. got Certificate of Appointment! :P

19 July 2010 12.30am (KL-Batu Pahat 300km) Victor just finished his graduation ceremony and we ding-donged here and there and finally managed to move! Picked up barang2 at my office and arrived at the Seremban rest area where Victor woke me up and said he beh tahan liao! hahaha... I drove and stopped at the rest area before Ayer Keroh/Melaka... More power naps... this was about 3.30am! Then... I tiba-tiba woke up at 5.05am.. realizing that oh no...! We're so late!... Started driving and the next stop was the Ayer Keroh Jejantas Rest area there where I couldn't take it no more... and parked... put up my legs and reclined the seats... (and SMS Theresa that we won't be able to make it) and slept allllll the way till about 9am++! Hahaha.

19 july 2010 11.30am Arrived at Batu Pahat and rushed to BP High School! Our event haven't ended (phewwww)! One of the many long term commitments of IMNC Lions Club towards the National Kidney Foundation was our Mega scale project, "Save Your Kidneys"!
This is where IMNC absorbs all costs to travel to 100 schools nationwide to give talks as well as conduct exhibitions at selected schools about the dangers of Kidney diseases and kidney failure. I was supposed to introduce Azizi Zakaria, Teen Ambassador of the National Kidney Foundation at the assembly before his talk. However, as I was overly exhausted, I could only apologize and excuse myself for that intro bit and just attend the exhibition. According to the IMNC team, the talk went pretty well! :)

Leo Club of Batu Pahat High School members who were also at the exhibition! I remembered this bunch of highly energetic youths from the June Leo Forum in Ipoh. Their spirit and energy amaze me always!
19 July 2010 3++pm - (Batu Pahat to Johor Bahru 200km?) I cant tahan adi.. luckily Victor was around hence he drove! hahaha. The girls left for JB earlier as I had a short meeting in BP Mall first. Now I'm lying down in bed updating this blog at 2.00am cause tmrw  (20 July) I have a meeting with my clients at 10.30am and Alvin's picking me up (yeyy.. I dont have to drive.. wahhhahahah)! Thereafter, enroute back to KL, we have to drop by at Muar for another meeting at 2.00pm... then, Muar-KL (250km??) and dinner appointment with clients and Simon.....

20 July 2010 - Please do not call me bfore 1pm! Even if there is volcanic eruption at One Utama for that matter.....

-Alan Thoo-


Anonymous said...

lion alan,ur enthusiastic towards volunteering works amaze me too..^^u r just so great^^more like a superman o ironman..^^

Alan Thoo said...

:) thanks ZOng Yan!

Anonymous said...

How old already? still act and talk like a small kid? is it because mixed with the kids too much?

Alan Thoo said...

Anonymous.. Firstly, I shdn't layan Anonymous people.. cos if you don't even have the balls to put your name... well.. then your problem la!

And me talking and acting like a kid? Woo.. you noticed? or have I accidentally taken your spot? ahhaha...

Go get a life and suck it up...!

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