Friday, July 9, 2010

A Trip Down South... Johor

I landed from Brisbane with Simon at KLIA at approximately 5.50am on the 3nd of July... And to be honest with you.. it wasnt too much a smooth ride... air pockets... bad weather... I beh tahan... (can't stand) it.. and the entertainment system of MAS went kuku-fied! Grrrrrrrghhhh!!! For half of the journey, I depended on my Mac and iPad to keep myself entertained... Sleep? nahhhh! No way! 

Throughout the entire journey didn't manage to get any shut eyes! Sighhhhh.... And the moment I landed, again.. the infamous Alan Thoo's 3R concept....~ RUSH!!! RUSH!!! RUSH!!!!!!!!


I was expected to be in Kangar Perlis for my event.. which was the Fiesta Bersama DiGi Perlis... a mini carnival with  staging featuring Diddy Hirdy, Zenny, Azizi, Asyraf, Ben, Aesar Mustafa and BBoys....! I rushed to the taxi stand, got a cab.. and rushed to the Subang Airport!!!! Wa lao... The best thing was... I needed to board the 8.30am flight on Firefly to Alor Star....  Air Asia was full... MAS only had afternoon flights. grrrr... Oh well.. guess what! I made it! The event went well... I flew back to KL on Monday morning... really thrilled to see ah boy.. and Cheryl's so good.. she has trained Baby V to learn to recognize a few words on the flash cards! hehehe.. check this out!

Then... on Wednesday... I had to leave again. Sighhhhh.... Hurts me lots whenever I have to travel out of state, away from my son.... aihhhhh....But work's work... I had to leave for JB to give talks to a few schools in the area on the IMNC's long term commitment to the National Kidney Foundation in creating awareness on kidney disease....!
My duty was to touch on personal experiences and some generic facts on the importance of keeping our lifestyle healthy and to avoid kidney failure! I enjoy doing the talk because this is really something good for me, my work as well as the students!

Well... moving around in JB is kind'a fund cause SALE is on!!!! However, I am very TL because the entire Tebrau City, not even one retailer is an authorized Apple dealer.. I forgot to bring along my iPhone connector... grrRRrrRR.. no sync-ing... and charging! Aih...

Marcus and gang joined me after work and we decided to watch the worsttttt ever franchise of Predators ever....! The storyline sucked big time by the way.. wait.. WHAT storyline... and even the effects was so B Grade no to mention B Grade actors with the twist at the end making no sense and no relevancy at all to the entire plot... sigh... And we tot AVP2 was horrendously bad. ANyways,, if you have eaten at Food & Tea before... oh well.. then nevermind. But, if you haven't .. then DON'T order the "SEAFOOD SAUCE with MAN THAU"..... the seafood sauce is actually some sadly pealed off crab meat (nothing like the menu of course!) and the sauce??? Well ~ how about mixing chilly sauce and tomato sauce and then put a bit of hot water and kacau-kacau? CRAPPPPYYYY!!!!!!!
Oh... don't even order the Wu Thau Kou .. Yam Cake.. which looked pretty nice on the menu (SLR ran out of battery... sorry)... but it turned out to be the lunch for Predators or Aliens.. Look at how ugly looking this piece of Yam Cake is!!! Urgkkkk.. Being so close to Singapore, I had to be a little Kiasu and taste a little bit... and the taste? Waitaminute.. WHAT TASTE???!!

Oh well..... Am at Danga City Mall now... whole PC Fair JB at Persada didnt sell the connectors too... but luckily.. miraculously... Danga City Mall has an IT Center... and MIRACULOUSLY... there's an Apple Authorized Reseller!!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!!!

Gotta Go liao... Heading to makan at Johor Jaya.. the Thin Kai Porridge and Drunken Prawns are calling my name!!!! :P


~Alan Thoo~


Frequent Flyer (I love to Fly) said...

What do you mean that you need to entertain yourself with your MACbook and etc....Flying from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur is more than 3 hours. I saw your seat shall be MAS business class seat. If you are travelling in Business Class route in Australian routes you can request or they will offer you a thing call PMP where it contains a variety of games, latest movies, latest video on demand, songs and music. The PMP is an individual unit which does not goes with the aircraft IFE system like the one they had in economy class. Even, if the PMP had spoilt you can just request to change for another unit of PMP! So what do you mean that their IFE went kuku (cuckoo)? Are you sure you are sitting in business class? Or is the photo for real?

Alan Thoo said...

Firstly, dont know you. secondly, if you are implying that I super-impose myself on a business class seat? oh puhlease.. if you know me I dont have to do that... I'm not too sure about you though. Perhaps you like to show tht you can afford these seats? But me? nahh.. I don't have to.

Secondly, PMP? whatever you wanna call them... the IFE system failed... the entire business class seats entertainment system went haywire... they apologized.

Why would you say this photo is real or not?